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March 28, 2015
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Updated: Mar. 28 (01:01)

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Home Garaging Trial
Posted On: Jan 26, 2013

This confirms our understanding of August 3, 2008 that the Home Garaging Trial will be continued in administrative work units whereby employees will be assigned a motor vehicle for use in their work, for traveling between their work locations and area of residence or other designated places where the vehicle is stored. The Home Garaging Trial will be implemented only within administrative work units where some or all of the employees normally use a Company-provided motor vehicle in order to perform their work. The decision to implement a trial of this program will be within management's discretion. However, only volunteers will be utilized.

When Home Garaging is introduced within an administrative work unit, all employees within that unit who normally use a Company-provided motor vehicle in the performance of their work assignment will be eligible to participate.

Since participation is voluntary if an employee elects not to participate, management will determine where the motor vehicle assigned to that employee is to be stored and that location will become the employee's work reporting location, but not for purposes of locality wage zones, special city allowances or union local affiliation. All employees, including those who do not participate in home garaging trials in administrative work units, will report to a company designated work center (as described above) at least once a week.

Employees who participate in the program will be expected to provide normally secure and legal storage for the vehicle at their places of residence. If the vehicle cannot be properly stored at an employee's place of residence, the Company may arrange for appropriate storage at its expense.

Operating and maintenance costs will be at the Company's expense. The Company will make arrangements for maintenance of the vehicle; however, it will be the responsibility of the employee to whom the vehicle is assigned to assure that the vehicle is properly maintained.

For employees who participate in the Home Garaging Trial, a work reporting area will be established on a local basis before implementation. The work reporting area normally will be a circular geographic area. In large congested metropolitan locations or where natural barriers render a circular work reporting area impractical, other mutually suitable parameters will be established.

Each participating employee will be expected to begin and end the work tour at any assigned location within the established work reporting area.

Employees who are assigned to a job location at the beginning or end of a work tour which is outside an established work reporting area will be paid for necessary travel time to or from their homes at the beginning or end of their tours.

As specified above, at least one (1) tour per week will begin at a Company designated work center. If requested by the Local Union representative or steward, on a voluntary basis, participants will be permitted sixty (60) Company paid minutes of union meeting time each month on those days when the participant reports to work at the Company designated work center.

Unless renewed or amended by mutual agreement, this trial will be terminated six (6) months following ratification of this agreement.
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